At present this parcel is an old apple orchard with 2 single family residences at the south end, trees between them and the orchard, and trees at the north end. The existing residences will be demolished. The post card sent to nearby residents states: “The proposed project is for 16 unit multi-family units. Each ranch style unit has, two bedrooms, its own entry and a single car garage.” Here is the revised proposed site plan.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Neighbor Issues and Concerns for City Staff to Address

Please use the Comment section here to describe your issues, concerns, comments, questions, etc. about the proposed Glendale Condo development.  These will be shared with City Staff.  Please include your address, along with any other comments you post.

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Thanks for your help!
Lynn Borset

Glendale Project Update, 4/18/13

Hello Virginia Park Neighbors and Friends,
     The Developer’s application and site plan for the proposed Condos in the old orchard at 312 Glendale Dr. was submitted to the City Planning dept. a couple of weeks ago.  You can view project documents and track the status at this link:     (In the Search String field on the right, enter 312 Glendale and click Search.  A box with Project #, Address, Project Name should appear.  Double click on 312 Glendale to see details.  Scroll down to Attachments to find documents containing the site plans and City staff review comments.)
     The Planning Commission review of this project is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday May 21, 2012.  Please put this date on your calendars as we need as many people as possible to attend this meeting!
     It is very important that we raise our questions NOW during the City staff review of this project, so staff can address our issues with the developer, before it goes to Planning Commission.  To date, some questions on zoning, pedestrian path, and storm water run-off/sewer capacity have been submitted.  The assigned City Planner, Jill Thacher, appears to be taking our concerns seriously, and following-up on them.
     Your help is needed in raising other issues, such as traffic, brownfield/contamination, re-grading of property, or any other health, safety, or environmental concerns you have.  Also needed is a review of our Ordinances, to document that our concerns are justified and protected by City Ordinances or regulations (see two links below the PS).
     Please record your concerns and questions in the Neighbor Issues section of our blog:
(If that does not work for you, you may send your comments to me).
     Neighborhood participation and opposition (such as that delaying approval of the proposed 14-story student development at the corner of Huron and N. Division) will have the biggest impact on the outcome of the 312 Glendale Dr. development!  Collectively, we can make a difference if we speak up by:
     -- asking City Staff to investigate our issues and concerns ASAP,
     -- filling out the Flooding Survey and returning it to Kira Slovacek (thank you to the 49 who have already done so!),
     -- researching City Ordinances,
     -- turning out in large numbers for the Planning Commission meeting, tentative date, Tuesday 5/21/13, and
     -- turning out in large numbers for City Council meeting (date to be announced).
Thank you,

PS:  As always, if you want to be removed from this email list, please let me know.

Links to City Ordinances/Regulations:
Chapter 57:  Subdivision and Land Use Controls (Go to Title V:  Zoning and Planning and you will find Chapter 57)